We build brand authority to drive customer growth and acquisition

Content Marketing Partners works for marketing and customer acquisition teams at leading brands across multiple professional and consumer sectors.

We create highly relevant, high-quality content – in volume – that drives customer acquisition and builds brand value.

Content marketing can be your most powerful channel, building brand awareness and delivering more leads that convert at lower cost. Yet building and maintaining a high-performing content marketing practice challenges even the most sophisticated marketing teams.

We power your success by taking on the core challenges companies face when scaling and executing their content marketing initiatives: bandwidth and specialty expertise. Our team of skilled content strategists will design and deliver an enduring content marketing strategy that maps to your buyer’s journey.

Our Approach

We custom-tailor our methodology to each engagement.

We rally around your company’s expertise, building on your established themes and positioning with fresh insights that are tuned to your audience’s information needs. 

Based on your goals, we define and execute your strategic content plan. We identify and produce assets that hit the sweet spot where your business and marketing goals intersect with your target audience’s information needs.

We deliver a steady stream of precise, differentiated, and relevant content that is optimized for search discoverability, reader clarity, and buyer action.

Our Services

Content Strategy & Execution Map

Activate an enduring content marketing program that aligns business strategy to marketing execution. Our thorough research incorporates interviews, analyst perspectives, and rigorous SEO analysis to establish content themes, structure, and keywords. We define and execute your editorial calendar, incorporating data insights to optimize publishing over time.

Thought Leadership

The assets we create for our clients range from blogs to in-depth briefs and white papers and can incorporate audiovisual media. Each asset is a product of our unique team approach, which leverages subject matter experts, skilled editors, and SEO analysts to create content that educates your audience, accrues brand authority, and drives page rank.

Content-Powered Selling

Increase sales and marketing alignment and build seller authority with a customized framework for leveraging content in your outbound sales process, aligned to personas and buyer stage.

Win/Loss Review

Inform product development, positioning, and the sales process with buyer insights. Our roots in journalism covering complex subject areas enhance deep discovery of the drivers behind purchase decisions.

Our Work Drives Results

Authoritative brands rely on us to increase engagement and drive conversions. Here are some examples of the results clients have seen.


blog page views


organic site-wide page views


organic lead capture form-fills


unique site visits


keyword rank increase


rankings in the 1 – 3 spot on the first search results page

Our Team

We are a federation of journalists, researchers, and industry opinion makers with deep expertise in a variety of financial, technology, and professional services categories.

Mike Azzara

Mike Faden

Karen Lynch

Amy Sklar
Chief Growth Officer

Gayle Kesten
Executive Editor

Kathy Foley
Executive Editor

Megan Doyle
Managing Editor

Kristina Russo
Consulting Editor

Why Us?

Deploying Content Marketing Partners on your content strategy means you’re tapping into content professionals with years of editorial experience informing, educating, and connecting with highly targeted audiences.

Powerful Allies

Our deep reporting, publishing, marketing, and sales skills make us powerful allies who can help your content marketing sing.

This makes us very good, and very fast, at finding the sweet spot where your marketing goals intersect with your audiences’ information needs–and at crafting the assets that deliver right to that spot.

Closing the Loop with sales

We do more than create content. We partner with your marketing and sales teams to make sure the content we create aligns with your goals for driving leads and closing sales.

You will be hard-pressed to find a content partner who closes the loop like that.

We will Surprise You

Working with Content Marketing Partners is simple. There are no retainer or service fees, and you can scale content volume up or down in tempo with your business.

Ready to meet your extended team?