Effective content marketing demands that you plan strategy and identify objectives like a marketer, think like a publisher and execute like a dogged reporter. 

That’s where we come in. Content Marketing Partners comprises three principals: Mike Azzara, Mike Faden and Karen Lynch. We’re award-winning journalists who worked our way up into Editor-in-Chief and Publisher roles. And Azzara launched a content marketing practice inside award-winning B2B agency Stein IAS (Americas), with which he remains affiliated.

This rare combination of deep reporting, publishing and marketing skills makes us powerful allies who can help your content marketing sing. It makes us very good, and very fast, at finding the sweet spot where your marketing goals intersect with your audiences’ information needs, and at crafting the assets that deliver right to that spot.

It’s important to note that you’ll always work with one or more of our three principals. We do have an extended network of freelance relationships that each of us has built over 30 years in B2B journalism, but we’ll only take on work we can fulfill or direct ourselves. Even when we bring in expert support, you’ll work with Mike, Mike or Karen.

Mike Azzara

Mike is steeped in content strategy and development. 2015 begins his 34th year as a technology industry journalist, publisher and content innovator. He started as a New York City daily crime reporter and moved to high-technology business coverage beginning at the dawn of the PC era. Mike “graduated” from writing articles to developing new content approaches and products, and bringing those to market in the form of new businesses.

  • Mike was publisher of CommunicationsWeek and founding publisher/editorial director of the Neal Award-winning InternetWeek.
  • In the early 2000s he re-invented the content models of TechWeb.com and InformationWeek.com in the enterprise IT market.
  • Mike helped reinvent web businesses throughout CMP Media (now part of United Business Media) as the company’s SVP/Internet Business.
  • Mike co-created TheNewsShow.tv, the first daily news video blog from a B2B media company (debut: June 13, 2005).
  • Since 2008, Mike has been Chief Content Strategist with Stein IAS (Americas) – consistently ranked as the Business Marketing Association’s “Agency of the Year.” He has led content strategy teams for CenturyLink Technology Solutions, Tata Consultancy Services, PR Newswire, IPC Systems, IntraLinks, TheLadders and other major brands.

Mike helps clients create content of intrinsic value for their customers, their prospects – and themselves. Mike loves cooking, driving fast cars, authentic 1930s-era cocktails, Shakespeare, his wife and his triplets – not necessarily in that order. 

Mike Faden

Mike Faden IMG_5507_smaller head.jpg

Mike works closely with clients to create powerful, engaging content. He enjoys collaborating with subject experts and multiple stakeholders to drive projects to timely completion. Mike’s strong technical aptitude helps him quickly assimilate complex material and translate it into educational, relevant content.

After spending several years as a software developer, Mike moved into journalism, first as a technology reporter and then as editor. His responsibilities have included managing teams of reporters, coordinating networks of designers and editors and consulting on a diverse range of projects, from books to technical specifications.

Roles have included:

  • Planning and creating hundreds of editorial projects for major technology suppliers.
  • Managing teams of reporters at InformationWeek.com, and managing a regional website.
  • Editorial consultant for books about information security and privacy.
  • Contributing articles to science- and health-related journals.
  • Creating market research and industry analyst reports for major research firms and other companies.

Mike also has two science degrees and is a former university lecturer. He loves getting outdoors, renovating old houses, rehabilitating small wayward dogs and cooking. 


Karen Lynch

Karen collaborates with clients and designers to create on-point messaging and stories – plus the imagery and distribution that leave a real impression on audiences worldwide.

She spent the first part of her career as a reporter and editor covering the global telecommunications and information technology industries. Karen then switched to the nonprofit sector, before becoming an independent communications consultant on international business, technology and policy.

Career positions include: 

  • Editor-in-chief, CommunicationsWeek International (a pan-European newspaper).
  • Paris Bureau Chief, CommunicationsWeek.
  • Founding Editor-in-chief of tele.com magazine.
  • Director, Global Digital Opportunity Program, the Markle Foundation.
  • Communications and Content Director, the World Bank’s Development Gateway Foundation.
  • Communications Director, Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs.

In her roles at Markle and the Development Gateway, Karen helped promote the use of information technology for international development. At the Watson Institute, Brown’s leading academic center on foreign affairs, she worked to bridge the gap between researchers and policymakers on pressing world problems.