We’re a full-service content firm – but we’re not compulsive about it. Ask us to rapidly deploy a comprehensive content strategy including everything you see below. Or, just one perfectly formed asset. You choose; we deliver.

We’re particularly excited about our Newsroom-as-a-Service offering, which uses journalistic best practices to deliver on real-time marketing opportunities. 

Our Services

Content Strategy Development

You tell us your business strategy. We interview your business/thought leaders, audit your competitive set’s content and survey/talk to your target audiences. We discover the sweet spot where your business and marketing goals intersect with your target audiences’ information needs. We craft content strategy that delivers right to that spot.

Content Execution Planning

We define and execute your Editorial Calendar. We identify content assets that fit your strategy, define their cadence, write the story assignments and find and manage the best writers for every job (including ourselves). All delivered on time and on budget. 

Primary Research

Real insights from real research really will set you apart. But research is hard, because language so often is open to interpretation. Not ours. Our end-to-end research solution includes everything: research concepts that match your marketing goals and deliver insights your audience craves, the instruments that make it so and the written, visual and audio reports that make it soar. Our own network of top-gun research professionals keeps us honest.


Thought Leadership

We combine your thinking with fresh insights and evidence-based analysis to build content of intrinsic value to you and your audience. The best thought leadership includes original research or in-depth interviews with your audience –formatted as white papers, briefs, eBooks, videos or podcasts. 

  • Paper: 4 or more pages of content (~1200 words and up); plus cover, back cover.
  • Executive Brief: 2 content pages – all the insight, less filling.
  • eBook: break down a complex thought-leading premise into visually appealing, snack-size “chapters” woven together by a high-level intro.
  • Video: it’s all the rage because, done right, it delivers to the audience members’ right and left brains simultaneously to really drive your message home.
  • Podcast: Audio only, for the multitaskers in your audience. 

Case Studies

Authentic stories of how your products/services make a real difference in customers’ lives.

Bylined Articles

Classic op-ed essays that deliver your messaging where your audience already reads.



“Brand newsroom” has become a white-hot buzzword as marketers wake up to newsrooms as the model for organizing a brand’s content publishing in the real-time marketing era. Why? Newsrooms are the brains that enable publisher thinking – an ingrained understanding of your audiences’ needs, reflexive ability to create content to serve their needs and, ultimately, a heartfelt advocacy for their needs (executed in real-time). This offering is your (virtual) in-house publisher.  Learn more.

Ghost Blogging

We draw out your thought leaders’ overarching and/or provocative points of view, then use them as a metaphoric “lens" through which to view blog post opportunities, whether calendared or emerging in real time. This signature CMP process lets us write from the perspective and in the style of your thought leaders. 

Social Media

We make sure your messaging and stories resonate across social networks, advising on the right level of engagement at the right pitch in all the right places.

Visual Media

Captivating video, compelling design, creative illustrations, innovative charts, graphs and infographics. We’ll work with your designers to produce visuals that will delight your audiences, or you can tap into our talent network.