We’re deeply experienced B2B publishing professionals – that’s what makes us good, and fast, at finding the sweet spot where your marketing goals intersect your audiences’ information needs, and crafting the assets that deliver right to that spot.

Frustratingly, we can’t share a lot of links to our work because we’re paid to make the clients look good. But some of our clients have testified below to our ability to deliver as promised – and they’re happy to talk to you one-on-one once we get serious about each other.


We are consistently impressed and delighted at the speed with which CMP transforms our thought-leadership concepts into compelling prose – and in our own voice.
— Jordan Kendall, CMO, Stroz Friedberg
Mike was the best partner to launch our now-thriving content practice. His editorial savvy, technology insights and extensive network of editorial experts and industry lights helped us rocket out of the gate in the late 2000s. We still exploit his expertise for our most challenging engagements.
— Tom Stein, Chairman and Chief Client Officer, Stein IAS
Private equity investors are an intellectually challenging audience to engage – the “private” in “private equity” is not used by accident. But CMP, working with Stein IAS, extracted the iLEVEL executive team’s best thinking on how its software product could make them better investors and turned it into a “definitive guide” of clear, compelling language that our audience not only engaged with, but shared. And busy marketers take note: they did it without taking up a lot of our time.
— Mason Power, CMO, CGSC North America and Former CMO, iLEVEL


Content Marketing Partners’ three Principals have taken home many awards, including:

  • Multiple American Business Press Jesse H. Neal Awards for: Best Magazine, Best News Coverage, and Best Feature  
  • Two Min's BtoB magazine Best of the Web Awards for The News Show and the much-copied Dogear Peelback ad.
  • BtoB Media Business Magazine 2006 Top Innovator Award, for Online Innovation, Large Company category.
  • UniForum Association's UNIX Industry Man of the Year Award, 1994, for contributions to the development of the industry catalyzed by the UNIX computer operating system.