“Brand newsroom” has become a white-hot buzzword as marketers wake up to newsrooms as the model for organizing a brand’s content publishing in the real-time marketing era. Why?

Newsrooms are the brains that enable publisher thinking – an ingrained understanding of your audiences’ needs, reflexive ability to create content to serve their needs and, ultimately, a heartfelt advocacy for their needs (executed in real-time). And for years we’ve been encouraging brands to “think like a publisher .”

Brand newsrooms are the best way to really engage your audiences deeply, thoroughly and for the long -term – like a world-class news organization.

Our Newsroom-as-a-Service combines the best elements of real-time marketing and brand publishing to:

  • Enhance your position as a thought leader and educator.
  • Ensure your brand is part of the most important conversations in the market – with participation timed to maximal effect.
  • Arm your brand with marketing opportunities that engage your audiences as news breaks, trends emerge or innovation disrupts their world.
  • Remain continually active with the most relevant content, thus keeping you always top-of-mind with prospects.
  • Demonstrate the applicability of the brand’s products to specific emerging opportunities – in real-time.

Our Newsroom-as-a-Service accomplishes all this by providing a time-tested organizational and process model for figuring out what’s most important in your audiences’ minds at any given point (listening), discovering related content sources (curating), determining your brand’s “take” on the story (aligning with brand messaging) and getting your story out there fast (real-time publishing).

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