Brand Newsrooms: THE Model for Real-Time Content Marketing

Mike Azzara, Principal, Content Marketing Partners

Am I just a hammer looking at the challenges of modern marketing and seeing nails?

No, I don’t think so.

I’m not the only one who views newsrooms as the big emerging model for organizing a brand’s content marketing. It’s why “brand newsroom” has become a buzzword. So it’s not just guys like me, who grew up from age 15 working in daily newsrooms, and ended up overseeing a half-dozen or so different newsrooms back in the heyday of tech-industry business journalism.

I suppose I should have seen this coming sooner; I’m the guy who has pushed brands to “think like a publisher” for seven or eight years. Newsrooms are the brains that enable publisher thinking. That’s a metaphor, of course, but it’s awfully on the nose. So it’s logically obvious that brands require newsrooms if they ever wish to engage their audiences deeply, thoroughly and for the long-term, like a world-class news organization.

Brand newsrooms combine the best elements of real-time and content marketing to:

  • Enhance a brand’s position as a thought leader and educator;
  • Ensure that the brand is part of the most important conversations in the market – with participation timed to maximal effect;
  • Arm your brand with marketing opportunities that engage your audiences as news breaks, trends emerge or innovation disrupts their world;
  • Remain continually active with the most relevant content, thus keeping the brand always top-of-mind with prospects to drive consideration (and sales); and
  • Demonstrate the applicability of the brand’s products to specific emerging opportunities – in real-time.

Brand newsrooms do all this by providing a time-tested organizational and process model for figuring out what’s most important in your audiences’ minds at any given point (i.e., listening), discovering related content sources (i.e., curating), determining your brand’s “take” on the story (i.e., aligning with brand messaging) and getting your story out there fast (i.e., brand publishing).

Perhaps most importantly, brand newsrooms provide the mechanism by which marketers-who-would-be-publishers can overcome “campaign think.” As explained by a marketer in this post:

“Brand publishing requires marketers to do something very difficult: Stop thinking in a campaign mindset. Most campaigns are heart-stopping one-night stands, and even the most successful campaigns aren’t more than summer flings. Brand publishing is a marriage you have to build for the long haul. … You need to commit, listen and adapt to your audience, and earn their respect and trust.”

High-value content is central to the marriage of your brand and your audiences. Nowadays, great content that demonstrates thought leadership is the only thing that can engage and inform your audiences in ways that lead to influence – and sales.

That’s why we named this blog Content Central. Every week Content Central offers our insights on the science and art of content marketing, as part of our effort to help marketers think more like us publishers. And, thereby, enhance your ability to deploy content in service of your brands.

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