Content Marketing Partners is a full-service content firm – but we’re not compulsive about it. If you’re starting empty handed, we’ll rapidly develop the right content strategy for you and your target audiences. We can plan and execute it for you, too. But if you only want one perfectly formed asset – an insightful eBook or white paper, or a provocative blog post – we’ll do that too. 

We can create compelling content for you well, and fast, because we’re deeply experienced B2B journalists and publishers. That’s why we’re good at finding the sweet spot that intersects your marketing goals and your audiences’ information needs, and crafting the assets that deliver to that spot. Especially if you’re a technology, or tech-enabled, company, please know that tech is our expertise and our passion. 

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We are consistently impressed and delighted at the speed with which CMP transforms our thought-leadership concepts into compelling prose – and in our own voice.
— Jordan Kendall, CMO, Stroz Friedberg

Brand newsroom” has become a white-hot buzzword as marketers wake up to newsrooms as the model for organizing a brand’s content publishing in the real-time marketing era. Find out why  – and how we can leverage the newsroom model for you.